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PNC Center

Troy, MI

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Kojaian Companies

A premier national full-service real estate organization, the Kojaian Companies has built its success on an absolute commitment to quality. Its properties bring together sophistication, craftsmanship and integrity in every aspect. Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the company is privately held.

Our genuine desire to produce exceptional properties began in the 1950s when (the late) Mike Kojaian, president and founding principal engaged in his first real estate undertaking, with the understanding “there is no substitute for quality.”

While the company has grown and expanded, the message has remained the same … uncompromised quality in every detail.

Today, this commitment to quality still guides our companies and is evident in our strong track record of performance and satisfaction. Our properties span the complete real estate spectrum, including office buildings, industrial buildings and parks, research and development centers, and retail facilities. The common thread linking this diversity is that each project will stand out for its aesthetic contribution to its respective market and the environment it provides. The Kojaian Companies have been involved in the acquisition, construction and ownership of 50 million square feet of real estate covering markets throughout the United States.

Similarly, this commitment to quality ensures that each investment is designed to meet the needs of everyone involved - business associates, joint venture partners, financiers and of course, tenants. Kojaian Companies have emphasized tenant satisfaction, which in turn has fostered long-term tenant relationships and increases in occupancy rates.

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